The present Edinburg Volunteer Fire Company was organized in 1929 with Mark B. Getz being elected Chief.  Mark served as Chief for 22 years.

Shortly after being organized, the new company bought and remodeled a used Packard Touring Car to become what is reputed to be the first motorized fire pumper in Shenandoah County.  This vehicle sported a 12 cylinder engine and a hand operated siren.


The first factory built fire truck Edinburg Fire Company had was purchased in 1934.  It was an American LaFrance purchased at $3,750.


Fire alarms were reported to the local telephone operator who activated the electrical motor on the fire bell located on the Town Hall building.  This bell was unique in that it only rang on one side thus making a ding, ding, ding sound rather than the usual ding, dong bell sound.  The bell was replaced by an electric siren in 1939 in time to be used as the Edinburg Town air raid and black-out siren during World War II.


The first fire station was in the old Town Hall on Center Street.  In the early 1950's the fire station moved in to a building purchased and renovated into a fire station on Main Street.  The company would receive alarms through the County Sheriff's Office in Woodstock who activated Edinburg's fire siren by a telephone circuit and then dispatched them to calls.  Also around this time Edinburg Fire Company acquired mobile radio equipment for the fire trucks and the first hand held radio was placed in service in Shenandoah County.


Edinburg Volunteer Fire Company is incorporated.


Shenandoah Telephone Company generously donated a building lot on Stoney Creek Boulevard where Edinburg built the present fire station.  The station included a banquet hall with a full kitchen that has always been used for may community purposes.

The Fire station presently houses four modern fire trucks and a very active fire company organization serving the Town of Edinburg and a large surrounding area.