"Putting the wet stuff on the red stuff"

The Mission of the Edinburg Volunteer Fire Company is to protect and serve the surrounding community in all aspects of fire protection needs. While being sensitive to the needs of the community, we will be committed to safety and excellence and will continually strive to improve efficiency, responsiveness and professionalism through training, enthusiasm, and dedication.

Edinburg Volunteer Fire Company
200 Stoney Creek Blvd.
P.O. Box 11
Edinburg Va 22824


Located within the confines of this establishment is an elite group of individuals. This establishment is swarming with firefighters and emergency services personnel. They are members of one of the the finest fire companies located in Shenandoah County and are infected with dedication, enthusiasm, and positive attitudes. It is our hope that this infection will be contagious to all firefighters and emergency services personnel entering this establishment.